Turf has numerous applications in both commercial and domestic settings. It can be used for lawns, gardens, sporting fields, recreational spaces, indoor rooms, and many other applications. If you are still shying away from using turf because of something you may have heard about it, perhaps you were misinformed. In this article, read about five popular turf misconceptions that aren't true.

It's All Fake Grass

One of the biggest misconceptions about turf is that it is not real grass. While there is artificial turf, standard turf is 100% real. It's organic and grows just like any other grass. The only difference between standard turf and natural grass is that standard turf is grown in an engineered manner. It's grown primarily for sale. It's therefore developed in such a way that it can be moved and transplanted with ease, as opposed to planting a handful of grass at a time.

It's Easy to Spot Turf From Natural Grass

Considering that standard turf is real grass, it is not easy to differentiate it from real grass. When installed professionally, it should be impossible to tell if the grass was planted there or installed. The only way one can spot standard turf from afar is by noticing a colour distinction between it and other grass types in the area or by identifying the lush look that is not common with standard grass.

It Doesn't Feel Natural

All forms of turf are developed to feel like natural grass, even artificial turf. There are varieties of turf that are tougher than others while others are softer than natural grass. You can choose whatever variety you want depending on what you plan to use it for, e.g. sports, recreation, aesthetics, curb appeal, etc.

It Can be Removed or Stolen Easily

Regardless of what you may have seen in cinemas, turf cannot be picked up and stolen from your lawn. Well, unless it has just been laid. Nevertheless, the chances of that happening are very minimal. After being laid, the turf roots start to germinate. With every passing day, the roots entrench themselves into the soil, making your turf a permanent fixture on your lawn.

It Doesn't Need Any Maintenance

Standard turf does need maintenance, though not as much as naturally grown grass does. Once installed, turf needs to be watered continuously. It also needs to be fertilized, cut, and trimmed every now and then. Different turf varieties have different maintenance needs. For example, turf that grows very fast, such as Couch turf, needs to be cut more often.

If you're still not sure is turf is right for you, talk to a turf supplier and learn about the different varieties of artificial and standard turf available.